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Vol. 1 Summer 2022: Burlesque Edition

The NamaSLAY Mag, Vol. 1: Burlesque Edition

We are THRILLED to launch our first ever edition of the NamaSLAY Mag with a special focus on the art of the tease: burlesque. Flip through our the full digital magazine below or keep scrolling to jump to the articles, quizzes or interviews you are most interested in. We hope you enjoy this sexy and empowering collection of burlesque inspired content! Xoxo

Inside the NamaSLAY Mag Burlesque Issue

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Quiz Corner

Discover Your Burlesque Persona

Discover Your Burlesque Persona with this Quiz!

From traditional satire to the modern styles of neo-burlesque, it's safe to say the art of the tease comes in many different forms. From the weird and wacky to the steamy and sensual, there is something for everyone in this wonderful world of burlesque.

The History of Burlesque A Timeline

How Much Do You Know About The History of Burlesque?

Think you know everything (or a lot of things, let's be honest, no one knows everything about anything) about the history of burlesque? Check out our historical timeline, you might be surprised about the real origins of this classic performing art.

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Weird & Wonderful World of Burlesque

A burlesque word is often a powerful sermon.

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Burlesque Inspirational Quote

The difference between burlesque and the newspapers is that the former never pretended to be performing a public service by exposure.