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Meet Burlesque Performer Fiery Desire

Burlesque Performer Fiery Desire

Meet Burlesque Performer Fiery Desire

1. What’s your real name?

Ashley Sexton

2. What is your stage name?

Fiery Desire

3. How did you come up with your stage name?

I love Desire as my character is more sensual and worked in names until I came up with Fiery. It fits my character perfectly.

4. What style of burlesque do you perform?


5. How long have you been a burlesque performer?

Roughly 10 years.

6. Are you actively performing now?

Yes. I’m one of the founders of Gem City Dolls.

7. What makes you want to perform?

It’s a thrilling, wonderful way to express yourself. Love the creativity. I have always done dance.

Gets me outside of my box, and it’s a whole other side of me that I get to be.

8. Do you do a solo or group act?

Mostly solo.

9. What is your favorite costume or thing to wear on stage?

I always try to add some form of Red. I always love my red heels and gloves.

10. Do you make your own costumes?

Sometimes, mostly piece things together.

11. What fascinates you about the art of burlesque?

It’s an amazing, beautiful art form. A safe and empowering place for all.

12. How did you find out about burlesque?

Long ago my husband’s boss was part of a group and they talked me into doing it. I’m so glad I did.

13. What are your top 3 go-to burlesque songs?

Not necessarily songs but Artists
Britney Spear and Michael Jackson and pretty much anything 80’s

14. What do you do to mentally prepare to perform?

More than anything I just get out there and do it.

15. What is the most challenging thing about performing?

Hoping everything you want to remove comes off correctly.

16. What is the weirdest experience you’ve had at a show?

Luckily I haven’t had too many weird experiences.

I can definitely say you can’t be afraid to be comfortable with completely stripping down, or needing help with costumes along with your boob or butt being touched.

17. Who is your favorite burlesque performer?

It’s hard because there are so many amazing Burlesque Performers.

18. Do you have any regrets about being a burlesque performer?

Sometimes I feel like you get judged because Burlesque can be so miss understood.

19. What do you wish people knew about burlesque?

That it’s a beautiful art form, Otho g about it is gross, nasty or wrong.

20. What is your favorite thing about being a burlesque performer?

I feel so very empowered!

21. What advice do you have for someone who wants to try it but is too nervous?

Once you do it, you will fall in love.

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