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Where Is Dita Von Teese Today?

Where Is Dita Von Teese Today?

Where Is Dita Von Teese Today?

A couple of years ago, we featured an article about burlesque icon Dita Von Teese. Known for her unique style that blends the 1940s with modern beauty, Von Teese has been keeping herself busy by dazzling audiences around the globe. After spending the last few years taking part in individual shows from stage to sea (that’s right, she spent time performing on cruise boats), she now finds herself with a long-term home in Las Vegas.

After earning a residency at the Horseshoe Hotel’s Jubilee Theatre, Von Teese now uses her show to help redefine what burlesque means in Sin City. With this residency, she brings back to Las Vegas a true showgirl production that has been missing from the strip for nearly six years. With dates stretching into April 2024, Von Teese has certainly found a home on stage where fans and newcomers alike can appreciate her unique flair for entertainment.

Her show will continue to feature her iconic giant martini glass, but that’s not all. She wants to continue making her show bigger and bolder. She says she plans to have a cocktail party on stage by incorporating not just one but several of her glasses.

But – and there’s always a but – this article isn’t just about her residency. No doubt you are wondering what Miss Von Teese, a.k.a. Heather Sweet, is like off stage and how she lives. After all, she isn’t just a stage presence; she is a presence and a role model in the lives of women everywhere.

Where Does Dita Von Teese Live Now?

Dita Von Teese in Las Vegas
Caption: Dita Von Teese performs in her exclusive residency DITA LAS VEGAS: A Jubilant Revue at Jubilee Theater | Image Credit: Horseshoe Last Vegas

With her show taking hold in Las Vegas, there is little doubt that she has a home in Nevada, albeit temporarily. However, little is shared about where she spends her time in Vegas and what she is up to. This is contrary to what is known about her Los Angeles home, which she has owned now for almost a decade. This is because this home was part of a public spectacle, as Von Teese acquired it after her famous divorce from musician Marilyn Manson. She works to present her home not as a reflection of her past but as a reflection of herself.

Chalking her preferences up to a phobia of white walls, Von Teese surrounds herself in color while at home. From the outside, her Tudor mansion blends into the Los Angeles hills dotted with celebrity homes. On the inside, her personality and style come through like few others could. When she purchased the home in 2015, she took each room one at a time to ensure it had the touches and colors that would help her heart glow.

As vintage as her clothing, her 3,200 square foot home was built in 1927 and has four bedrooms. Since Dita did all she could to ensure that the home had room for her style, you are sure to find colors that match the many gemstones often seen in her clothing and in her show. Striking the right balance of contemporary and modern, Von Teese’s home is inviting but offers just enough luxury to catch the eye and drop the jaw.

With bold patterns and textures adorning every room, Her unique style and class ooze from every corner. In her backyard is a pool just hidden enough to be sure privacy is maintained, but surrounded by landscaping that would no doubt make Snow White jealous. Plus, you can’t forget the vintage pub, which is just off to the side of the pool.

The lavish lifestyle she’s constructed in the home is not intended to fool anyone. In essence, she lives up to exactly what people hope. She is constantly inspiring women to dress, live, and play through boldness, beauty, and grandeur.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Dita Von Teese?

Whether you are looking to spice up your next social gathering, you want to provide some top-tier entertainment, or you’re looking to share an inspirational story at your next event, Dita Von Teese just might be available. Unfortunately, the booking could cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000, as icons don’t often work for cheap. Of course, to even consider booking her, you will want to ensure that it doesn’t conflict with any of her residency shows.

A quick Google search is likely to find you many other options for burlesque dancers that feature oversized martini or cocktail glasses. However, it will be difficult for anyone to compare to the presence of the Dita Von Teese.

What Does Dita Von Teese Wear to Bed?

What Does Dita Von Teese Wear to Bed?
Caption: Hollywood at Home: Dita Von Teese Shows Off Her Antique-Filled Bedroom | Image Credit:

Let’s start with the most titillating behind-the-scenes info because if you are like most Von Teese fans, you may be wondering if her personality on stage matches her personality off-stage. Undoubtedly, most celebrities put on a persona for the world while reserving their true self for family and close friends. However, in true Von Teese style, Dita’s stage presence is reflective of who she really is. In other words, you won’t find her wearing sweatpants or athleisure around the house.

Von Teese proudly shares that around her house, you can find her in a negligee, a slip, or a robe with a slip, all of which are her favorite pieces of nighttime attire. That does not mean from time to time she won’t don a pair of pajamas, but in true form, she ensures that her clothes still vibe with her retro style. In most cases, Von Teese keeps the clothes she wears as vintage as possible.

Her love for vintage sleepwear dates back to her teens when she discovered that slips from the 1950s could be bought at low prices. Feeling like a young Elizabeth Taylor, Von Teese found that her love of glamor could exist even when she was out of the spotlight. In fact, her glamor is more than just her stage presence; it truly is her persona.

What Does Dita Von Teese Eat in a Day?

It may or may not shock you to know that Von Teese does not believe in following a strict diet. Instead, she adheres to specific disciplines that she believes help her overall self-satisfaction. Instead of prioritizing certain diets, she focuses on what makes her look good and feel good.

In 2015, she shared with the world that she was trying to consume fewer meat products and stay on the vegetarian side of things. She eats only vegetarian food until a certain time of night, and even then, she only eats that a few times a week. It isn’t that she doesn’t enjoy the taste of meat or holds a belief system that prevents her from consuming it; she simply describes feeling better and having more energy when she consumes fewer meat products.

Every day in Dita’s life begins the same way. Each morning, she blends a smoothie consisting of 70 percent greens and 30 percent fruit and mixes it with water. It is a simple but effective way to start her day each morning. Lunch is light, made up of a salad or vegetarian soup. Her dinner usually starts with a whole grain base, such as quinoa or brown rice.

That’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy the occasional snack. She will often have gluten-free toast, avocado, and an egg on hand in case she gets the craving for something in between meals. Still, you probably want to know more about the decadence and splurges that we all fall into from time to time.

For those moments, Dita loves nothing more than a good taco with a mezcal drink. Or, if she’s really in the mood, she might choose an In-N-Out Burger, but the secret menu add-on remains a secret. Of course, since she loves to keep with the classics, her go-to drink is a good old-fashioned dirty martini. She doesn’t prefer sweet drinks and instead saves them for dessert, which will likely consist of something fresh coated in cinnamon or chocolate.

Von Teese says that keeping a personalized regimen when it comes to food makes it feel less like a diet and more like a lifestyle. Every day that she sticks to her diet, she is able to remind herself that there is one thing she accomplished or did right that day. In the end, it’s about keeping it sensible.

Dita Von Teese is (Still) Living Her Best Life

Dita Von Teese Now
Caption: Image Credit: Daily Mail | Dita Von Teese, 47, walks the runway in minidress made of belts at Paris Fashion Week January, 22 2020

Life hasn’t changed all that much for Dita Von Teese since the last time we featured her. However, there is a form of comfort in that knowledge. Knowing that someone lives up to who they say they are, with no filters needed, is not something that you can say about most celebrities. She stays true to her work, her passion, and her sense of who she is. Dita Von Teese is living her best life each and every day because she gives herself permission to worry less about the status quo and to simply do and be what makes her happy. So, to the Queen of Burlesque: we all tip our crowns to you.

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