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Best Places to Put Vinyl Stickers

Best Places to Put Stickers

Best Places to Put Vinyl Stickers

If you’re like us, you probably love personalizing your favorite possessions to show off your individuality and showcase your unique taste – and one of the best ways to do that is with stickers. However, you may also suffer from a pang of anxiety every time you buy new stickers as you wonder where to showcase your new finds. Placing a sticker is a big commitment, both to the messaging contained on the sticker and to the fact that your item will now have a semi-permanent display on it. You’ll want to make sure you place each sticker somewhere meaningful where you can appreciate it for a long time.

You’re here because you are wondering: “Where can I keep my stickers?”

Don’t worry! We can help.

We’ve created a list of some of the best locations for placing stickers so that you can put your stickers to good use. With our list, you won’t have to worry about deciding, as we’ll give you enough places to put stickers that you likely won’t run out anytime soon.

What Type of Stickers Does NamaSLAY Crew Offer?

Here at NamaSLAY Crew, we are excited to offer dozens of unique, fun and even sexy vinyl stickers to help you express yourself and your individuality. Our women-oriented stickers are perfect for those who’d like to show off their sexy side and their appreciation for burlesque performers and pinup girls. We also offer stickers highlighting the importance of the arts, self-acceptance, and inclusivity.

We don’t think you should be afraid to show your support for the arts or hide your love for the sexy and empowering. As a result, we’ve created these stickers so you can let everyone know what you like – and announce it loudly and proudly. Of course, if you’d like to keep it lowkey, these stickers are also well-suited for a more private place where you can enjoy them to your heart’s content.

Places to Put Your Sexy, Pinup, and Burlesque Stickers

At NamaSLAY Crew, we offer a variety of sexy, pinup, and burlesque-style stickers to show everyone your sexy confidence and love of all things women. One of our most popular stickers takes inspiration from the burlesque performer Voluptuous Vixen, and she’ll instantly make any place you put her sexier.

Voluptuous Pinup Girl Sticker
Pictured Voluptuous Pinup Girl Sticker by NamaSlay Crew


Ladie P Cumeleon Burlesque Dancer Sticker
Pictured Ladie P Cumeleon Burlesque Dancer Sticker by NamaSlay Crew

Electronics have quickly become one of the first places people use to house their sticker collections and for good reason. Several types of electronics have plenty of surface area that stickers can adhere to, and many people use devices regularly.

When putting stickers on electronics, the first place that likely comes to mind is the back of a laptop. This is one of the best places to put stickers because there’s plenty of space to create a collage and show your style and love of the burlesque to others. You can also place them on either side of your trackpad to place your sexy stickers if you want to keep them more personal so that only you can see them.

The possibilities for stickers on electronics go beyond a laptop, however. You can put stickers on a desktop computer as well. Desktop towers typically have windows to the interior, and you can place a collage of stickers on the window or on the reverse side, which should be a solid piece of metal. Placing stickers here allows you to enjoy your burlesque stickers without them being public.

If your stickers are smaller, you could decorate the back of your cell phone. You could choose to adorn your phone case, or you could decorate your phone itself and use a clear phone case so that the stickers remain visible. Because you likely have your phone on you at all times, putting stickers on it could allow you to proudly display your values and style to everyone you meet.

Other electronics that you could put stickers on include video game consoles, guitars or their amps, tablet cases, e-reader cases, headphones, or Blu-ray players. Any piece of technology you use regularly can easily house stickers.

Vehicles or Other Forms of Transportation

Red Lips Sticker
Pictured Kiss Me! Red Lips Sticker by NamaSlay Crew

Almost everyone has a vehicle or some other form of transportation. These modes of transportation have many smooth surfaces perfect for stickers. Of course, any sticker you put on an exterior will have to be able to stand up to the elements, and you may need to replace your stickers more frequently if you place one on the outside of a vehicle. Placing stickers on the outside of your vehicle allows you to demonstrate your love of the burlesque to everyone.

There are two main places on cars where you often see stickers. The obvious choice is on either the front or rear bumpers. While they may wear off over time, it’s the perfect excuse to put more on down the road. You can also place stickers on your dashboard or anywhere else in the interior of the car with a hard surface. A less common but still totally valid place is in the corners of the windows.

Where to Put Your Girl Power Stickers

SLAY BOO Girl Power Sticker
Pictured SLAY BOO Girl Power Sticker by NamaSlay Crew

Sports and sporty places have long been arenas where women find themselves excluded, so why not show off your girl power while out having fun? Our girl power stickers will make you proud to be a woman. Besides, stickers work especially well as motivation if you made a resolution to slay at the gym in the new year.

If you have a basketball hoop at your house, you could place your favorite girl power stickers on the backboard to enjoy the eye-catching designs and think about the women who play professional basketball every time you put up a shot. If you like to keep things a bit more private and stay indoors when you work out, you could place some stickers on your weights to give yourself some motivation while you go for a new personal best.

If you ride a bike or skateboard, you may have a helmet you enjoy wearing to protect you in the event of an accident. You can decorate your helmet or any other protective gear, like elbow or knee pads, with stickers to stand out from the crowd. You can also place stickers on other accessories you may wear regularly, such as a claw clip for your hair or a bag you carry. If you have a skateboard, the deck can be a perfect place to demonstrate your love for all things girl power. A bicycle’s pedals are another perfect place to show off your style, or you can put them on the frame to create a unique aesthetic unlike anybody else’s.

How to Display Vinyl Stickers to Show You Support the Arts

Support the Arts Sticker
Pictured Support the Arts Sticker by NamaSlay Crew

Art is a deeply personal experience for many of us. Because it’s so personal, your stickers to show off your love of art should come on items you use every day to accessorize, show off your personal style, or further your hobbies. Our Support the Arts sticker will let everyone know you care about art and the people who create it.

Writing is an artistic passion many of us have, so you could always decorate your notebook or journal with stickers showcasing your love of the arts. Similarly, if you enjoy DIY, you could decorate a toolbox with your favorite stickers, adding some fun to any new projects. Crafters can put stickers on their art supplies for a boost of creativity when working on a project.

Recently, it seems like almost everyone has taken to carrying their own reusable water bottles with them wherever they go. You could place a few stickers on the outside to give your water bottle some flair and showcase your unique, artsy aesthetic. Just be careful while you wash out your water bottle, as letting it soak too long in water may loosen the adhesive on the stickers.

Where to Put We All Belong Here Stickers

We All Belong Here Sticker
Pictured We All Belong Here Sticker by NamaSlay Crew

“We All Belong Here” is a powerful message to tell the world your feelings about inclusivity, and our stickers give you the ability to do that. You shouldn’t be afraid to let the world know that you accept everyone, regardless of how they identify.

We recommend putting your We All Belong Here stickers somewhere highly visible so that everyone will know your feelings on the matter. You could put them on a travel mug, your laptop, a backpack, or anywhere else where people might see regularly. We’d also suggest considering your car’s bumper or back window for this ultra-important message.

What Should I Do With My Coffee Lover Stickers?

Coffee Lover Stickers

If you’re a coffee enthusiast (and let’s face it – who isn’t?), one of the first places to consider coffee lover stickers is to place some stickers on your coffee grinder or brewing device so that they’re some of the first things you see in the morning. These stickers can remind you of how much you enjoy a cup of brewed coffee in the morning, and they turn a boring coffee grinder into a conversation piece.

Of course, the typical adornment for a coffee table is a coffee mug. Whether you’re dressing up a blank coffee mug, personalizing your thermal traveler, or putting a stamp of ownership on your work coffee cup, stickers can showcase your need for a strong cup of coffee in the morning.

Where to Display Your Custom Stickers

Custom stickers can be anything, and they should reflect you and your interests. Since these stickers represent you, it may be best to put them in a deeply personal place. Try placing these stickers on your mirror so you can have self-affirmation when you see yourself in the morning.

A public spot is also a great place to showcase something you feel strongly enough about to create a custom sticker. Consider keeping your custom stickers on your day planner, your desk, or a vertical note-taking space like a whiteboard or chalkboard to bring style and happiness to your workspace.

What Are Some Places to Put Funny Stickers?

If I’m Too Much For You, Go Find Less Sticker
Pictured If I’m Too Much For You, Go Find Less Sticker by NamaSlay Crew

Our comedy stickers will have you in stitches. Hopefully, that goes for everyone else who sees them, too. You could place these stickers in a more public place to show them off to friends and strangers as a conversation starter. Try placing them on your hat bill or the back of your laptop.

If you fancy yourself a comedian, you can place these stickers on the journal where you write your jokes to use as inspiration for your material. Or, if you’re a digitally oriented person, deck out your laptop and phone to keep the comedy vibes flowing.

Live in the Now Stickers

Time Flies, Live in the Now Sticker
Pictured Time Flies, Live in the Now Sticker by NamaSlay Crew

“Live in the Now” is an important affirmation to remind yourself to never miss an opportunity when it comes. Our stickers will give you the ability to keep that belief with you wherever you go. You could put these stickers on your phone case or the back of your phone to serve as a reminder to always live in the moment.

Our favorite place to put “Live in the Now” stickers is on your vanity mirror. Whether you use the mirror in your bedroom or your bathroom, the message is a reminder to live each day in the moment instead of ruminating on the past and worrying about the future. Alternatively, try putting a sticker on the sun visor of your car for a last-minute reminder to live in the now before you get out and start your day.

A List of Where to Put Vinyl Stickers

  • Laptops and Tablets: Personalize your tech by adding stickers to the back of your device or around the keyboard.
  • Smartphone Cases: Give your phone case a unique makeover with a collection of your favorite stickers.
  • Water Bottles: Make your hydration game strong and personal. Plus, waterproof vinyl stickers are perfect for this!
  • Car Bumpers and Windows: Show off your personality or beliefs on the go.
  • Bicycles and Helmets: Add some flair to your ride and safety gear.
  • Notebooks and Journals: Decorate the covers to make note-taking more exciting.
  • Skateboards: Give your board a custom look with stickers that represent you.
  • Guitar Cases: Musicians can add a rockstar touch to their cases.
  • Luggage: Make your suitcase or backpack stand out and easier to identify.
  • Mirrors and Windows: Add some decoration to your home without permanent commitment.
  • Lockers: Personalize your school or gym locker.
  • Desk Accessories: Brighten up your workspace with stickers on your organizers, pencil holders, or laptop stand.
  • Fridge and Kitchen Appliances: Give your kitchen a quirky touch.
  • Wall Outlets and Light Switches: An unexpected place for a fun surprise.
  • Door Signs: Create your personalized door sign with stickers.
  • Gaming Consoles and Controllers: Gamers can show off their favorite games, characters, or teams.
  • Sports Equipment: Customize helmets, snowboards, or surfboards.
  • Furniture: Add some character to plain furniture pieces like bookshelves or side tables.
  • Room Decor: Frame your sticker collection or create a collage on a wall for unique room decor.
  • Travel Mugs and Tumblers: Like water bottles, these are great for personalization and making a statement at the coffee shop.

NamaSLAY Crew: Your Source For Fun, Creative Stickers

Sexy, Pinup, and Burlesque Stickers

Where you decide to put your stickers as personal to you as the stickers you choose in the first place. We hope you now have plenty of ideas for where to place your stickers, as well as a wealth of fun new stickers from our shop. You’ll also find cool art products, coffee mugs and water bottles, apparel, bags, and much more so you can not only find your vibe but share with the world just how much you slay!


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