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Gifts for People Who Love Coffee

Gifts for People Who Love Coffee

Gifts for People Who Love Coffee

For some people, coffee can be a great pick-me-up when energy feels low. For others, coffee is a way of life. Coffee lovers like this NEED their morning cup of coffee (and maybe a few more to follow), or they don’t feel like they can function. With that in mind, it only makes sense that the ideal gift for someone who loves coffee is, in fact, coffee-adjacent.

The best gifts for coffee drinkers involve a wide selection of tools, gadgets, utensils, and coffee options, so there is always something that can be added to a coffee connoisseur’s collection. At NamaSlay Crew, we love all things coffee and want to make selecting the next gift for your loved one a breeze. These gifts for coffee lovers are permanently hype.

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

For a coffee lover, coffee is not just an enjoyable beverage; it is a hobby in and of itself and maybe even a lifestyle! Whether they enjoy their coffee black, creamy, frothy, or everything in between, there are gift options, large and small, that can up their coffee-drinking game. From useful, elevated, and sometimes downright funny, you can celebrate your loved one’s love for coffee with these amazing gift options.

Reference Cards

Goldleaf’s reference cards are a great gift for someone looking to elevate their knowledge and discover just how intricate coffee can be. The production and consumption of coffee is an intricate science. This gift is an infographic card series that provides detailed information on coffee production, evaluation, and roasting in a way that is easy to understand. Goldleaf cards explore topics such as grinding charts, flavor wheels, roast color, and so much more. Your coffee lover will love the in-depth information provided and will impress other people with their extensive knowledge.

Reference Cards

Goldleaf Home Decor

Coffee-inspired prints and decor are a perfect gift for any coffee lover. These prints are available in a variety of sizes and can be purchased with a frame to make them wall-ready. Coffee prints can not only add a sophisticated feel to any space but will also provide useful information or fun quotes that are sure to be a conversation piece.

Some of our favorites include:

  • The many ways to enjoy coffee print. This print can also double as a bucket list for any coffee lover looking to explore new ways to get their caffeine fix.
  • The coffee family tree print. This decorative print looks sophisticated and enables your coffee lover to trace the roots of their favorite coffee variety.
  • Even bad coffee is better than no coffee” print. This quote print is minimalistic in appearance but shares a loud and clear message for those who simply need coffee in their lives.

Permanently Hype Camper Mug

When considering gifts for your coffee lover, you can’t beat a quality mug, cup, or tumbler. The Namaslay Crew has our own set of coffee lovers on staff who have taken their passion to heart and created unique, creative, coffee-centered merchandise that is sure to impress, including this camper mug. Lightweight, designed to last, and useful for a variety of beverages, we think your favorite coffee enthusiast will use this mug daily. As the motto implies, we are permanently hype for this must-have mug.


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“But First, Coffee” Mug

This is a great gift for the person in your life whose first priority of the day is a cup of coffee. When nothing else can be accomplished until that cup is enjoyed, this mug is ready to be filled. The But First, Coffee glossy white mug is made with ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

But Frist, Coffee – White Glossy Mug Right Handle

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Sok- It Iced Coffee Sleeve

If your coffee lover opts for iced coffee, these sleeves are a must-have! If you know your iced coffee, you know the only negative part of enjoying an iced coffee is the condensation left behind. With these cleverly-designed sleeves, that problem will be a thing of the past. These sleeves also help to keep your drink cool for longer and your hand nice and warm. The Sok-It is available in a variety of sizes and designs to ensure a perfect match for your iced coffee connoisseur.

Sok- It Iced Coffee Sleeve

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Round Ice Cube Tray

The ice coffee lover in your life will appreciate this cute ice cube tray mold. This mini circle ice tray comes with two trays, a basket, and a scoop. While great for ice itself, these molds can also be filled with ice coffee to minimize any dilution that takes place as ice melts. The molds can also be filled with fun flavors of milk or cream as an easy addition to any coffee beverage. The bin and scoop make crafting the perfect iced coffee simple and easy.

mini circle ice

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker

There is just something so tantalizing about cold brew coffee. It takes its own special process to ensure the strength and flavor are present, even when served cold. This pitcher can hold four servings of smooth cold brew and fits conveniently in the fridge. As an added bonus, it’s BPA-free, with an airtight lid and silicone handle. All it takes is three easy steps to create a cafe-level cold brew in the comfort of your own home.

cold brew coffee

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Spoontiques Prescription Coffee Cup

When it comes to travel-friendly drinkware, you’ll want to snag this coffee mug. A cheeky insulated travel mug is a must-have accessory, and this one is designed to look like a prescription bottle, highlighting the necessity of coffee in your loved one’s life. In addition to the humor, this mug is a great practical gift for travel. Designed to fit most car cup holders and crafted with a convenient handle, it also has a secure locking lid to prevent spillage and a skid-resistant bottom. You’ll want to make sure this is one prescription that doesn’t go unfilled!

coffee mug

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Ember Smart Mugs

What isn’t a smart device nowadays? While we are iffy about the necessity of some of the newest smart objects, the Ember temperature smart mug is a game changer. This would be a great option for that coffee lover in your life who may be easily distracted or has a morning routine too hectic for a normal sit-down. With smart technology, you can keep your coffee at the perfect sipping temperature for up to 80 minutes or all day if left on its charger. Paired with an app, this allows the coffee enthusiast full control over their ideal temperature setting. This coffee mug also comes with an auto sleep setting, shutting down when the cup is empty or after two hours of inactivity. This is great for moms, remote workers, and everyone else in-between who hates to let a great cup of coffee get cold.

smart mug

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Coffee Spoons

Apace Living coffee spoons are some of the best stainless steel measuring spoons on the market. While a coffee spoon may not be an elaborate gift, it is thoughtful and extremely practical, especially for the coffee enthusiast who likes to perfect crafted brews. These spoons provide precise measurement, durability, and style.

coffee spoons

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Coffee Dangle Earrings

Show off your love for coffee with these adorable dangle earrings. These small cups of coffee are delicate and designed to pair well with casual and professional wear. Earrings are a great accessory to any outfit, and these are sure to make a statement.

dangle earrings

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Fresh Coffee Candle

There is something so cozy and comforting about the smell of a coffee shop. Take that luxury home with a coffee-inspired scented candle. This candle is made of 100% natural soy infused with essential oils. It’s a great addition to any home that enjoys the lasting smell of well-brewed coffee.

scented candle

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Milk Foamer

A handheld milk frother is a great accessory for any latte or cappuccino lover. These make a great gift for individuals with limited space or those without a high-quality espresso maker. A frother is also an ideal gift for the home barista looking to expand their skills. This milk foamer is easy to use and will turn any morning cup of coffee into a rejuvenating treat.
milk frother

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Breville Infuser Espresso Machine

A high-quality espresso machine is a bit of a splurge but can be enjoyed for years to come. There is a certain art to crafting your own espresso drink. This espresso machine delivers the four key elements of a quality cup of brew. This machine ensures the right dose of beans, provides ideal water pressure, delivers precise temperature control, and features microfoam milk to create latte masterpieces. For any coffee lover that enjoys crafting their own beverage, this is a must-have item.

espresso machine

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OXO Brew French Press

The French press brings a level of sophistication when it comes to brewing coffee at home. Ideal for beginners due to ease of use, french presses also allow you to customize your homebrew. With easy clean-up and perfected brewing, this eight-cup French press can completely change the way the coffee lover in your life crafts their beverage.

French press

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OXO Burr Coffee Grinder

When it comes to accessories, any coffee lover would be happy to have a quality coffee grinder in their collection. Once you experience a cup of coffee with freshly ground beans, there is no going back. Still, it’s important to know that there is a long history and science behind grinding coffee. For those who really want a top-quality experience, this grinder has 15 different settings, allowing the user to create the perfect grind for cold coffee, espresso, and French presses. The OXO Burr coffee grinder has a large capacity hopper, a powerful motor, and a UV-blocking tint to ensure the perfect bean taste every time.

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Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Loving coffee doesn’t mean you have to be obsessed with all the bells and whistles of coffee making. Anyone can benefit from a quality, easy-to-use coffee maker. This fully automatic coffee maker provides the perfect temperature coffee on demand. Easy to fill, large capacity, and brew-strength control are just one of the many perks of having a Cuisinart in the home.

coffee maker

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The Coffee Recipe Book

For your coffee and book lover, this recipe book with over 50 recipes would make an exceptional gift. A coffee recipe book is ideal for a coffee enthusiast who may frequent a local coffee shop but is hesitant to start brewing crafted drinks at home. If this describes your favorite coffee enthusiast, this book can provide inspiration and insight into creating delectable brews. If you love the cafe but hate the price tag, a recipe book will provide everything needed to create cafe-quality beverages right at home.

coffee recipe

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Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

When you want something decadent, delicious, and bursting with espresso flavor, you need to try a chocolate-covered espresso bean. These beans are crunchy and boast a caffeine kick, but smooth as the chocolate melts in your mouth. Chocolate-covered coffee beans make the perfect addition to any coffee-inspired gift basket or can be a great gift all on their own.

chocolate-covered espresso bean

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Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

A coffee subscription for gourmet specialty coffees is a gift any coffee lover can enjoy. Depending on your area, you may not have access to a wide variety of coffees. A subscription box allows you to easily try some of the best coffee options from around the world without ever leaving your doorstep. The coffee lover in your life will love the exceptional quality and flavor they may not have experienced otherwise.

 coffee subscription

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NamaSlay Crew for Lifestyle, Beauty, and Fashion

NamaSlay Crew for Lifestyle, Beauty, and Fashion

We all have a coffee lover in our lives who sees coffee as much more than a simple beverage that can provide a boost. From cafe-inspired crafted brews to everyday gadgets that make coffee making a breeze, there is the perfect gift out there for the coffee lover in your life. Share our list with people you know who have a coffee enthusiast of their own to shop for.

Here at NamaSlay Crew, we’re here to support any loving lifestyle. Please follow our lifestyle blog for more lifestyle advice as well as curated gift selections perfect for any occasion. We believe in supporting anyone who wants to embrace what makes them unique and, of course, Slay!

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