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Affirmations to Boost Happiness: Staying Positive in a World Full of Stress

Happiness is created, not found.

Affirmations to Boost Happiness: Staying Positive in a World Full of Stress

This truth is a core teaching of many a mentor, spiritualist, and “happiness expert” — so much so that the origins of the quote cannot be attributed to a single individual. However, the reasoning here is sound and simple—if you find yourself wishing for happiness to come your way, you are setting yourself up for unnecessary disappointment.

That’s because life is all about making choices, and it is up to you to choose to be happy, regardless of the circumstances that surround you. To help you start on this path, affirmations for happiness can open your mind to self-love and positivity, even in the darkest of times.

Focus on Positivity

Focus on Positivity

Before you set out to embrace the day, take a moment for yourself. Set your intentions for the day and allow yourself to be open to happiness. Positive thinking, including positive affirmations, can help you solidify your daily decision to be happy. Then, throughout the day, keep in mind that self-examination is important when it comes to setting and assessing your moods. To do this, make an effort to pause occasionally, taking in moments where you find yourself allowing negativity to infiltrate your mind and redirect those thoughts toward the positive.

Awareness of the power of positive thoughts, positive intentions, and their effect on mental health has grown significantly in recent years. A key component of this popular mindfulness technique involves the use of daily affirmations. As a simple yet directed and achievable statement or goal, affirmations can be truly empowering. Affirmations can allow you to set your outlook for the day and force you to be mindful when counterproductive thoughts occur.

Seven Affirmations for Happiness

There are hundreds of affirmations you can use to stay positive and mindful about allowing happiness into your life. If you are looking for a way to begin, a simple schedule of one focus affirmation for each day of the week is an easy place to start.

Here are seven favorites:

Happiness is my birthright

1. “Happiness is my birthright.”

Everyone deserves to be happy, and there is no reason that tenet doesn’t apply to you. Affirm your right to be happy each morning after you wake up. It is important to embrace that happiness is not only a possibility in your own life but a right you can preserve for yourself.

2. “I permit myself to enjoy myself.”

With all that is going on in the world, it’s easy to wonder if you should feel guilty for being happy. Similarly, when you’re surrounded by others who are unhappy, you may feel you have to bury your happiness within. This couldn’t be further from the truth—instead, you should enjoy every moment you can because there is no reason to hide happiness or minimize how it impacts your life. We all deserve to be happy and to feel confident enough to embrace and display it.

I permit myself to enjoy myself.

Today, I’m choosing happiness

3. “Today, I’m choosing happiness.”

You set the mood for most of your days without even giving it a second thought. As your day goes on, keep in mind that if you encounter a mishap, it can either be shaken off or carried like a burden, risking your happiness. Since happiness is a choice, the same as any decision you make throughout your day, you can allow negativity to seep in and dictate your day, or you can take charge. Remember that light exists even in the darkest of situations—when things are rough, you can still make the choice to be happy.

4. “I create the possibility of happiness for others by being happy myself.”

Emotions are contagious. Think of your everyday interactions with others and how you can often get a sense of where they are emotionally—sometimes, you can even feel the effects when you enter a room. Similarly, when you embrace happiness, you give off happiness to those who encounter you. By being a beacon of positivity, you may shine a light on someone who hasn’t allowed themselves to choose happiness. After experiencing your happiness, they may open themselves up to re-evaluate their outlook on the day. Best of all, this effect doesn’t require anything from you aside from living your truth and refusing to hide your happiness.

I create the possibility of happiness for others by being happy myself

My potential is limitless

5. “My potential is limitless.”

It can be easy to box ourselves into what feels comfortable. This can often lead us to feel unfulfilled in our personal, home, or work life. To combat complacency and stagnation, it is important to remind yourself that possibilities are endless. Look for opportunities to grow and thrive in any area of your life—there is no reason to settle and nothing you can’t do if you keep your thoughts positive.

6. “Honor the challenging times to appreciate the happy ones.”

As the old saying goes, you need bad times to appreciate the good. Life will always be a mix of ups and downs, even when you strive your best to maintain a happy outlook. Fortunately, staying happy can begin with not letting the hard times define your life. If you look at the ups and downs of life as a gift and a valuable lesson, you’ll have a better chance of growing positively from the experience. In the end, both good and bad experiences add value to our lives.

Honor the challenging times to appreciate the happy ones

When I feel happy, I manifest more reasons to be happy

7. “When I feel happy, I manifest more reasons to be happy.”

When life gets rough, it can feel impossible to find reasons to be happy. When left unchecked, this self-defeat can linger and seep into all areas of our lives. Over time, these emotions can fester, blocking you from experiencing happiness even when your situation does improve. Instead, choose happiness and embrace the small joys of the day even when it’s difficult. Once you truly begin to embrace happiness, you’ll find more and more reasons to continue to be happy.

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Today is the perfect day to start claiming your happiness. We all deserve to be happy, but many of us struggle to realize it. However, we can choose to wait for positivity and happiness to find us, or we can create it for ourselves. Positive affirmations can serve as a wonderful starting point to begin manifesting positivity and happiness in our own lives.

Life is full of hard times and good times, but both can begin to define us if we are not careful. As a result, it is important to be mindful of the way you treat yourself. Are you allowing room for happiness, or are you trying to convince yourself you don’t deserve it? Use these positive affirmations to remind yourself every day that you deserve to feel happy—and in your happiness, you may unknowingly spark someone else’s desire to choose a positive outlook.