What a Purple Front Door Means and How It Can Enhance Your Home

The simplest, most high impact way to improve the exterior appearance of your home is to paint your front door a fun, exciting new color. Your home’s exterior provides neighbors and guests with their first impression of your home, so make it count. While other houses on your block likely feature front doors in neutral colors, you can make a statement and enhance your curb appeal by painting your front door in an unexpected shade – purple! A purple door is about more than aesthetics, however. Check out what it means here.

Light vs Dark Purple Design Aesthetic

What the Color Purple Represents in Design

The color purple is found more scarcity in nature than a lot of other colors, making it feel like more of a wild color, often associating it with creativity. Throughout history purple has been known to represent luxuriousness, riches and power, wisdom and even magic!

The hue of purple dictates the feeling it evokes. For example, the lighter shades feel softer, romantic and more feminine.

Whereas the deep hues of the darker purples feel more masculine and tend to represent royalty and wealth.

The Importance of Feng Shui When Choosing Colors for Your Home

Not only does your front door matter for aesthetic reasons, but it is absolutely essential in encouraging positive feng shui for your entire home. But what is feng shui, and why does it matter?

Feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice focused on the creation and maintenance of balance between your home and the world around it. It utilizes a combination of energy forces to develop harmony between individuals and their environment; such as your home or even your desk (learn more about how to feng shui your desk!). A few seemingly minor details can actually make a profound impact on your mood and well-being, as well as improving how your guests experience your home.
Feng Shui for the Home

So how do we encourage good feng shui? It all starts with chi. This term refers to the universal energy found within our bodies and all around us. Chi is a part of nature, as well as human-made structures. You can imagine chi as moving similar to water, where the primary goal is to attract and direct a steady, uninterrupted flow throughout your space. Nourishing the flow of chi within your home encourages the flow of chi within your body, keeping you happy, healthy, and productive.

Purple front door for Feng Shui

The Most Significant Space for Good Feng Shui is Your Front Door

In feng shui, every area of your home is associated with specific values. The front door of your house is the mouth of chi, or the position at which this life-sustaining energy enters your home.

As the entry point to your space, the front door represents opportunities, good fortune, prosperity, hopefulness, and contentment. Therefore, concentrating on enhancing the beauty of your front door has many benefits for everyone in your family.

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Front Door

To determine the best color to paint your front door to encourage the flow of chi, you must consider which direction your home faces. Then you use this information to select the appropriate color. Each direction is associated with specific elements, so the best colors are those that correspond to these elements:

  • North – water (blue, purple, black) and metal (white, gray, metallics)
  • Northeast – earth (beige, brown, yellow) and fire (orange, red, pink, purple)
  • East and southeast – wood (greens and browns) and water
  • South – fire and wood
  • Southwest – earth and fire
  • West and northwest – earth and metal
As you can see, because purple is correlated with both water and fire, it works for almost every direction. The only time to avoid painting your front door purple is if your home faces west or northwest.

3 More Reasons to Paint Your Front Door Purple

1. Throughout history, purple dye was extremely rare and expensive, meaning the color purple has come to be synonymous with wealth and royalty. A purple front door indicates not only financial prosperity but a richness in the quality of your life, as well as a sense of honor.

2. Because purple is an unusual choice, it demonstrates that you are free-spirited and open-minded. Rather than sticking with the expected choice, you enjoy taking risks and thinking outside the box.

3. The amount of blue present in shades of purple provides it with an unmatched sense of calm and peace. When you come through a purple front door at the end of a long day, you will be met with an almost immediate feeling of restfulness and rejuvenation.

Purple Painted Front Door

Exterior Color Combinations Featuring a Purple Front Door

Exterior Color Combinations Featuring a Purple Front Door
You can determine which shade of purple will work best with your home by examining the colors already present in your home exterior and trim:

  • If your home exterior is white, a bright, bold purple provides a fresh, modern look.
  • If your home exterior is light gray or light beige, draw attention to your entrance by painting your front door a dark, saturated shade of bluish purple.
  • If your home exterior is medium gray, any shade of purple will look great, but a red-dominant one will be especially appealing.
  • If you prefer to keep a neutral color palette but would still like to experiment with a purple front door, use a deep purple with blue undertones, which can come across as navy or black depending on the time of day and quality of light. Pair this with white trim for a crisp, classic vibe.
  • If you like the tone-on-tone look, choose closely related shades of purple to paint your exterior and trim, as well as the front door.
  • If you’re looking to really make an impact, pair shades of purple with other bold colors.
Purple front door for peace and calm

A Purple Door Makes a Bold First Impression

Often misunderstood or overlooked, purple can be the perfect color for your front door. This area of your home is the first thing guests notice and the primary entry point for all the energy that flows into your home. A dramatic shade of this royal hue might be just what your home needs to elevate your exterior aesthetic and take your curbside appeal to the next level… while ensuring all that enter are offered a feeling of calmness and peace.

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