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Meet Your Next Bestie: Melt Cosmetics Ultra-Matte Lipstick Review

Melt Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lipstick review

Meet Your Next Bestie: Melt Cosmetics Ultra-Matte Lipstick Review

When it comes to makeup, I am all about the new products and colors. I have been wearing makeup since I was 12 years old. I mean, back then, it was just blush, mascara and lip gloss. So, lol, you could say I am much more advanced now at 37 years old.

I love matte lipstick because I can kiss my husband and not leave any color or smudges. He is not a fan of having color or gloss on his lips – even after a sweet kiss.

That’s why I was THRILLED to find the Melt Cosmetics – VOYEUR LIPSTICK!

Melt Cosmetics Ultra-Matte Lipstick Review

melt cosmetics review ultra matte lipstick

I remember like it was yesterday … buying my first matte color. It was by Mac Cosmetics, and it was called Ruby Red. It was a dreamy deep red.

That was practically the only matte product on the market back then. Now, with its popularity expanding more and more, there are hundreds of brands and colors.

Elizabeth Taylor Quote

One of the “rules” of makeup I learned was if you wear a heavy eye then you need to be light on the lips. That stuck with me my entire makeup life. So, being that I love to go bright and bold on my eye makeup, I started wearing nude lipstick… a lot.

Finding a nude matte was beyond difficult for the longest time, but in the last 5 years, it’s really exploded on the market. I recently found this brand called “Melt Cosmetics.”

And, –  they are quality. Not only does this specific lipstick design look really fancy, but the lipstick itself smells like vanilla. Mmmmmm.

Matte cosmetics ultra

This brand offers 28 different colors (on, and I plan on buying most (if not all) of them. After trying many brands of nudes matte lip colors this will now be my go-to!

Melt Cosmetics – VOYEUR LIPSTICK Details

Description: Everyone will be sneaking a peek of you while you wear this tempting glazed pecan shade. This creamy, ultra-pigmented lipstick sets to the perfect matte.

Where I Bought It:

Price: $22.00

I am always in the market for a great matte nude lipstick! And, it goes great with this awesome matte liner – Vasanti Cosmetics Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil

Pros and Cons

Pros: Buttery application that turns matte. Smells of chocolate/vanilla and has a really cool design on the lipstick itself.

Cons: Melt Cosmetics killed it with this Ultra-Matte Lipstick. No cons from me.

Packaging: Comes delivered in a small box. The lipstick case is magnetic which makes it great when closing.

Would You Buy It Again? Yes, I plan on buying their nude lipsticks as well.

Tips or Suggestions: I use a lipliner with all my lipstick applications, so I recommend doing that. I also enjoy using lip gloss or lip plumper to make my lips stand out.

melt ultra matte lipstick

Pro tips:

  • Have trouble getting your matte lipstick to come off later? Try this SuperStay Eraser Lip Color Remover by Maybelline New York. I used it on my Melt Cosmetics Ultra-Matte Lipstick and it was completely gone in a few sweeps with little effort.
  • Depending on your skin type, lipstick can dry-out your skin. So, I usually first apply lip balm as a base. My girlfriend uses shea butter or coconut oil as her base.
  • Place a thin tissue over your lips. Dip a makeup brush in baby powder and then apply over your lips. It makes your lips nice and matte, so lipstick stays on longer. This works great if you have a long day ahead!

Where You Can Buy It:

You can find Melt Cosmetics – VOYEUR LIPSTICK att Melt Cosmetics or Sephora.

Have you tried Melt Cosmetics Voyeur Lipstick? I hope you love it as much as I do!

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