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Crystals for Better Energy—Learn Crystal Meanings

Learn Crystal Meanings

Crystals for Better Energy—Learn Crystal Meanings

Everyone could use a little boost of energy once in a while. Many individuals get their daily dose of artificial energy in the form of caffeine. Whether your drink of choice is coffee, tea, or cola, chances are you have been guilty of relying on this stimulant on more than one occasion. What if you could feel energized and ready to take on the day every day, though—even without that wake-up coffee? Many people are exploring the healing power of crystals and incorporating their use into daily life, and lots of crystals are known to revitalize and increase energy. If you want to find a better way to get motivated for work and daily activities, this healing crystals guide will help you find a perfect way to tap into crystals’ energy.

What Crystals Are Best for Increasing Energy?

The first step in using crystals to boost your energy is learning some of the crystal names and their uses. Each crystal has a unique energy and contains specific information. The key to using crystals for healing is to learn how to harness that information and develop your intuition. Learning about crystals for burnout, such as those listed here, is ideal for fighting fatigue and feeling a sense of well-being all day long.


Photo by Jason D on Unsplash

This powerful crystal is perhaps the most important of all. Quartz crystals can be programmed to assist in many types of healing, including increasing energy. Its energy is extremely versatile, and it can be used along with other crystals. One of its most incredible traits is that it will amplify any other crystal energy you use for healing purposes. Known as the master crystal, quartz can amplify thoughts and vibrations and connect you to your higher self, spirit guides, and intuition. If you lack vigor, the clear crystal is the stone you want to start using. It is perfect for making you feel at ease, channeling and amplifying energy, and providing focus. In addition to its energy-enhancing properties, many find that quartz helps with memory and concentration and boosts the immune system.


If you are looking for crystals for life force energy, amber may provide you with the exact type of energy you need. Individuals going through a period where they lack overall motivation find this stone to be the perfect solution. Since amber gets its power from the sun itself, it will help you to get things done, even when you can’t seem to find your “get up and go.”

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye Like amber, this beautiful gold-colored stone is a perfect choice for increasing your motivation and helping you power through your day. Lack of general motivation is often caused by self-doubt, anxiety, and fear, but the tiger’s eye will help you dispel these toxic emotions from your life. When your high-stress job involves making important decisions with confidence, you can count on tiger’s eye to lead you in the right direction. This stone is also known for boosting confidence for attaining career goals and love interests.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper
This gemstone is an ideal choice when you are searching for crystals for adrenal fatigue. It has often been called the “espresso of gemstones” due to its strong energy boost that many individuals find helpful first thing in the morning. Blocked energy flow in the body can lead to ailments like fibromyalgia, and poppy jasper is great for freeing that blockage. It provides energy while healing and soothing, which is also beneficial to those who have chronic fatigue syndrome.


This is another powerful gemstone that acts very much like poppy jasper for individuals who need to fight fatigue at a basal level. This crystal’s energy increases stamina and improves blood flow to renew and revitalize energy levels. In ancient days, this stunning red stone was used to improve circulatory health and remove toxins from the blood. Additional qualities include enhanced intellect, sensuality, and self-awareness.


Individuals who seek crystals for a tired soul often find healing in the power of the amethyst. This regal purple stone is known for its protective energy and nurturing qualities. Fighting fatigue and negativity are this crystal’s specialties, which is why crystal stores often display huge amethyst geodes. Ridding the store of negative energy allows shoppers to find their crystals with a clear mind, unimpeded by energy vampires. This stone is also known to aid in tapping into higher planes of existence and intensifying intuition.


Are you looking to feel more alive, in general? If so, carnelian is a stone you should own. Its lovely dark amber color is a popular choice for jewelry, and that is a perfect use for it as it increases your internal stamina while you wear it. Ancient warriors made necklaces bearing the stone to increase their physical power and courage. It is a powerful stone to use when exercising or weight training, and it helps to balance energy levels in the body. Individuals who are feeling down and listless often find that carnelians improve their attitude and give them a more positive outlook.


If your goal is to balance and focus your energies to achieve your goals more effectively, fluorite can help you filter out distractions and get things done. This crystal has a triangular pyramid-shaped top that pulls your mental abilities together and amplifies them to get the results you are looking for. Whether you need to focus your energy on one specific goal or task or need help with this every day, you can’t go wrong with this stone.

How to Use Crystals

When you shop for crystals, there are typically certain ones that you feel drawn to. This is an attraction of energies, and those particular stones are typically the ones you should choose. You may also be gifted a stone by a friend or family member, which often means that they felt a particular energy from the crystal that intuitively led them to give it to you. Regardless of how you acquired the stone, you may wonder what to do with it when you get it home.

Cleanse Your Stones

Cleanse Your Stones

The first thing you should always do is cleanse the stone. Crystals gather and store energy, but that energy supply can be full when you get your crystal, and it will function to its full potential better if you cleanse it first. You can do this by passing the stone through the smoke from a sage smudge stick, or you can bury the crystal in sea salt overnight. Each serves its purpose, however, and you may choose to do both. The sea salt absorbs impurities from deep in the crystal, and the smoke helps relieve pent-up negative energy.

Recharge Your Crystals

After cleansing, recharging is a great way to keep your crystal at its optimum. You can do this by burying it in soil overnight or leaving it in direct moonlight or sunlight for a day or two. The days before, during, and just after a full moon are the best times for this type of recharge. Some individuals also meditate and forcefully breathe their deep thoughts into the stones.

Harness the Power of Your Gems

Harness the Power of Your Gems

There are many ways to make use of your crystals. Some people like to incorporate them into jewelry that they can wear, while others prefer to carry the stones in their pocket. However, the best way to harness the energy of your crystals is through direct contact with the skin. Some individuals hold them or place them at certain points on their body during meditation, which is the optimal way to promote healing and absorb positive vibrations.

More than just physical, gemstones also work on our emotional and energy body. They balance our chakras, which helps us feel happy and whole. Gemstones hold energy that although unseen, is felt.

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