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Adore Hair Dye Creates Exciting Long-Lasting Bright Colors

NamaSLAY Adore Hair Dye Review

Adore Hair Dye Creates Exciting Long-Lasting Bright Colors

Product Name: Adore Hair Dye in Electric Lime

Description: The Adore Hair Dye line is semi-permanent and innovative hair color system that infuses each strand with a vibrant burst of rich color. Their exclusive formula contains all-natural ingredients and avoids the use of alcohol, ammonia or peroxide. Available in 40 different colors, this dye let’s you pick the shade that meets your (current!) mood.

Reviewed by: Tatiana Lightcap

Purchased at:

Price: About $6.00+ shipping

Packaging: 1 Piece – 4 Ounce bottle


Beauty Wish: A bright green hair color that stayed with less fade.

Adore Hair Dye in Electric Lime

Product Review:

“I have been changing my since I was 12 and have been every color under the sun. I have used products such as: Manic Panic, Special Efx, Pravana, Splat, Sparks, Arctic Fox, Overtone and Adore is one of my top recommended brands. Most other brands fade within the first wash are half as bright. I do wash my hair daily and so I needed true color that stayed. I purchased Electric Lime recently and it has completely exceeded my expectations.

I have found that Adore is the most lasting with the washes. I HIGHLY recommend using gloves as no matter the brand the color will stain clothes, hands, neck, everything!!! Adore has a sweet smell and is extremely pigmented. Being I wash my hair daily I touchup the colors 1x a week IF THAT. Most the time it is every other week only because I do not like even a slightly dull faded look. I of course had bleached hair previously. If I touch up my roots, I just give them a bleach bath and don’t touch the already colored/bleached areas.

This product does NOT need developer and can be applied directly to hair. I leave my color on for about 1 hour, but have left it on for as little as 15 minutes. I just prefer to leave it on for longer.”

Pros: Smells Good, Long Lasting Color, Bright Colors, Lots of Color Options

Cons: None (This is my 1st go to brand)

Would You Buy It Again: YES! Over and Over Again!

Tips or Suggestions: Wear gloves, and make sure your hair is bleached for maximum color.

Where to Buy: Amazon

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