Author: Tatiana Lightcap

When I’m not working I’m doing photography for the most part. I love spending time with my husband and dogs, whether it's discovering a new area in Colorado, traveling to see other family, or simply playing our Xbox one or watching Netflix.

When it comes to makeup, I am all about the new products and colors. I have been wearing makeup since I was 12 years old. I mean, back then, it was just blush, mascara and lip gloss. So, lol, you

I started getting oily skin in my late 20s (I am now in my late 30s) and I swear I’ve tried every product on the market. Oily skin is so hard hide! I’ve always tried to use a full coverage

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The simplest, most high impact way to improve the exterior appearance of your home is to paint your front door a fun, exciting new color. Your home’s exterior provides neighbors and guests with their first impression of your home, so