April 2021

I’ve been dying my hair for as long as I can remember. However, it wasn’t always to cover up the gray hair I now have replacing half of my naturally brown hair- it was for fun! I still like having

How am I supposed to get dressed up for work when I’ve been living in leggings and slippers all year? Heels? Slacks? I think not.

Everyone feels anxious every now and then. Anything from giving a big presentation at work to running late to pick up your kids can cause your heart to race. However, sometimes anxiety can be severe over long periods of time

Making a purchase through a link on this page may earn us a small commission. Learn More.Everyone knows that a good night’s rest is beneficial to your mood and productivity the next day. However, sleep does not mean just jumping

The morning routine is different in 2021. While most of us have had to make a few significant changes to our routines, the changes are especially apparent for those of us who are working from home. If you work from

Everyone could use a little boost of energy once in a while. Many individuals get their daily dose of artificial energy in the form of caffeine. Whether your drink of choice is coffee, tea, or cola, chances are you have

One of the many beautiful aspects of yoga is that you can do it without any prior knowledge or equipment. The floor and a yoga book from the library are great first starts. However, as people begin their yoga journey,

As Halloween approaches and more witchy images and videos appear, we can’t help but get excited again about all of the tools that drew us to witchcraft in the first place! Of course, Halloween isn’t the only time we get

For many people, tarot cards are something out of the movies, but they actually have a rich history – a history that offers insight into their reading and interpretation. If you’re interested in learning more about tarot reading and its